What’s in a Name?

OK, here’s a quiz: Is “Palestine” an Arabic name?  The answer is definitely NO!!!  The name Palestine comes from the Philistines who were a sea-faring tribe of Greek origin who settled along the coast of the Holy Land (Israel) in Biblical times and who no longer exist.  The Greeks called their area “Philistia” and the Romans called the area “Syria Palestina.”  In the Arab and Turkish empires, the area was simply part of Southern Syria and in fact the modern Syrians claimed it, as well as Lebanon and Jordan. The British after WWI Anglicized the name to Palestine, rather than give the area its original Judaic name, Israel.   The Arabs had nothing whatsoever to do with the origin of Palestine, the Arabs are not mentioned in the Bible and came, of course, from Arabia in the 7th century, conquering Jerusalem in 639 ce.  Also, there is no “P” sound in Arabic, so they call the area “Falastin,

Where does the name “Jew” come from?  It originates from the tribe of Judah that formed the southern Kingdom of Judah from 922 bce, that continued in existence after the northern Kingdom of Israel (containing 10 tribes) was destroyed by the Assyrians in 722 bce.  The Kingdom of Judah was then destroyed and exiled by the Babylonians in 586 bce.  The name Jew stuck to all descendants of these tribes, which eventually returned to the Land some 50 years later led by the Prophet Ezra.

So if you do a little calculation, the Jews had sovereignty in the Land of Israel some (922+639=) 1,561 years before the Arabs even arrived on the scene.  Furthermore, for them the Land of Israel was a minor province, it was never a separate Arab State with sovereignty, there was certainly never a Palestine State throughout history.  But, some good liberals don’t like historical arguments, especially those that stretch back as far as the Bible.  However, they are quite happy to use a historical argument when it suits them, when they say that the Palestinians (meaning the Arabs) were here before the Jews (that is the modern Jews).  So a historical argument is good for them, but unacceptable for the other side, even though it precedes their own historical viewpoint.

But, even beyond that, the Balfour Declaration of 1917 of the British Government, and the Mandate given to the British Govt. by the League of Nations (the predecessor of the UN) in 1922 to establish a Homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine, never mentions an Arab State in the same area.  The Arabs were given Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Arabia (eventually Saudi Arabia).  You’d think they would be satisfied with that (not to mention all of North Africa, Yemen etc.).  But, no, these Arab imperialists want everything.  Too bad, they can’t have what’s not theirs.


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