The Gaza Border War Goes On

There is no doubt that the rioting of thousands along the Gaza border with Israel is newsworthy.  But, let’s have a sense of proportions.   This is obviously a stratagem to gain media attention and take attention away from the celebration of Israel’s 70th anniversary of independence.
As far as the numbers killed and injured are concerned, if you can believe the numbers put out by Hamas (terrorist organizations never lie, especially if they are Palestinian), they pale in comparison to other conflicts going on in the region.  In Afrin, the Kurdish stronghold in northern Syria, the Turkish forces reportedly killed 258 in one day.  In eastern Ghouta the Syrian Army has killed hundreds of civilians during their current advance, and in Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Afghanistan the casualty figures are vastly greater.
But, I understand why the focus on the Israel-Palestinian dispute gets so much more media attention, after all who cares if its Arabs killing Arabs.  But, the IDF terms of engagement are quite clear, no one gets shot unless they actually either approach the border or are throwing dangerous missiles or shooting over the border at IDF troops.  The crowds have been warned and so has Hamas that under those circumstances the IDF will use live fire to prevent any breaches of the border.
The excuse for the demonstrations and attacks on the border is the supposed desire for the Arabs to return to their homes.  But, how many of those rioting even know where their homes were after 70 years.  It’s as if they can never accept that they lost!  Imagine if all wars went on forever.  Eventually it has to stop, and the fact of the defeat must be accepted.  As it is the so-called Nakba or catastrophe only stirs them on to more violence and terrorism. This is what happens when a culture of shame is allowed to wallow in its misery and is funded and supported by evil dictatorships such as Iran and naieve Western liberals.