Provocation on the Gaza Border

The assembling of thousands of Gazan civilians (ca. 30,000), armed with rocks and petrol bombs, for an extended period along the Gaza-Israel border is a clear provocation intended to disturb the peace.  Further, their attempts to make forays towards Israel in attempts to breach the border fence and gain access to Israel is a serious threat to Israeli security, the safety of Israeli citizens and the peace.

Prior to this “demonstration” there were three attempts by armed terrorists to breach the border fence and several gained access to Israel, but all were eventually stopped and killed.  Israel has warned the organizers of the current supposedly peaceful demonstrations, that any attempts to breach the border fence will result in the use of live fire by the Israeli border guards.  They cannot allow themselves to be over-run and Palestinians gaining access to Israel, no doubt terrorists disguised as civilians with guns.

This supposedly three-week long provocation leading up to Israel Independence day (Yom Ha’atzmaut) on April 19, celebrating the 70th year of Israel’s independence, is intended to cloud this celebration.  By emphasizing the “catastrophe” (Nakba) for the Palestinian Arabs, this will only serve to exacerbate the situation and continue the conflict.  These kind of provocations have never had any positive outcome for the Palestinians in the past and won’t now.  So far in the first days, 15 Palestinians have been reported to have been killed  (5 of them armed Hamas terrorists) and over 1,000 wounded by Israeli fire.  Such figures put out by the Palestinians themselves are highly suspect and cannot (based on previous experience) be trusted.

Since Hamas and the other terrorist groups cannot face the IDF directly and have no excuse to attack Israel militarily, they are using the only weapon they have, Arab civilians.  This kind of use of civilians as “cannon fodder” is against international humanitarian law.  Yet, the good liberals in the West don’t seem to be concerned by this travesty, they only focus on the casualties supposedly caused by the IDF that they accept at face value.  After 70 years you would think the Palestinians might have learnt something and changed their tactics, but unfortunately not so.