Political mimicry

The Palestinians Arabs have done a good job at mimicking the Jews, particularly from the point of view of victim-hood.  They paint themselves as the victims of the big, bad Jewish Israeli State, that occupies them and exploits them and takes their land, etc., etc. And the amazing thing is that the good liberals of the world, trusting as they are, believe them.

The fact is that the Palestinians themselves did not exist as a separate group until 1964 when the PLO was established by Egypt as a terrorist organization to attack Israelis.  Until then, and even now, the Palestinians Arabs themselves emphasize that they are part of the Arab/Muslim world and not a separate entity.  That’s one reason why they have never declared a State nor taken steps to establish one when they had every opportunity.

Also, they and their fellow Arabs were the ones who always started the violence and attacked Jews at every opportunity.  In 1921, 1929 (Hebron massacre), 1936 (Arab uprising), 1948 (Israeli war of independence), 1956 (Suez  campaign), 1967 (6-Day War), and all this long before the so-called “occupation.” And, 1973 (Yom Kippur War), 1982 (Lebanon War) and the terrorism of the first intifada (1999-200) and second intifada (2005), the Gaza wars and until the terrorism of today, it has always been the Palestinians who have been attacking Israel and the Jews.  We have the right to defend ourselves and by every appropriate means.  Who are the victims?

But, there is one important area in which the Palestinians have not mimicked us.  They have not been industrious, they have not attended to the serious business of building a State, they have not been entrepreneurial, they have not succeeded, like Israel has succeeded.  They are failures, because their only raison d’etre is to destroy Israel and kill Jews.  Yes, there are good peaceful Palestinians, but they are a small minority and they exert no influence on the political aspirations of the Palestinian Arabs.



One thought on “Political mimicry

  1. It was a thrill to speak to you yesterday, hope that you all had a fun and easy time in all you did. We walked all around Netanya, and the costumes were amusing and Chabad had set up a tent by the bus station and read the megillah every hour, and then gave everyone a treat, We thought that was nice.
    You are right about the Palestinian Arabs, as Abba Eben said, they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Sad that their leaders did nothing for the people, and so the population gets poorer, and the leaders get richer. Take care and be well. Shabbat Shalom.


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