Gun Reform

President Trump’s and the NRA’s idea of arming teachers seems like a good idea at first glance. But, it will only last until the first teacher loses patience with a recalcitrant pupil or is threatened by one and shoots him.  Suppose a female teacher is surrounded by three threatening teenage boys and she whips out her revolver and blasts them.  Or suppose a teacher carries or hides a gun and a pupil steals it and then uses it.
Having armed guards outside the school is no use either, as shown by the recent incident in Florida where a police officer stood on guard outside the school while the shooter was murdering 17 school kids inside.  Having an alarm system will also be too late.
The only sensible precaution is to bar all teenagers, all felons and all those with mental conditions from being able to buy guns, period.  This will not stop other supposedly normal and sensible people from buying guns.  But, it will also not stop such school shootings either, because in a country with more than one gun per person it is always easy for kids to borrow or steal their father’s or uncle’s weapon.  But, lets at least make it more difficult for them by banning automatic weapons altogether, whose only real function is to kill people.
I recently watched the movie “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” and was appalled at the way in which men are shot as if they are worthless dummies.  OK, I know this is meant to be some kind of satire, yet seeing this, as many young people do, must desensitize them to violence and killing with firearms.  Similarly with the series “John Wick” and many, many other movies.  Hollywood has developed a cult of killing that unfortunately caters to young people’s idea of entertainment.
But, I am not against the second amendment to the US Constitution and the ability of righteous citizens to bear arms:  I also watched the movie “The Death of Stalin.”  Whether the actions depicted are highly accurate or not, we know that Stalin collapsed in his dacha in 1953, but his Comrades were too scared to call a doctor.  Lavrenty Beria, who was the head of the secret police (NKVD, later the KGB), tortured and murdered people for a living.   He was also a notorious pederast, abducting and raping young girls with impunity.  Then he would have them shot or shipped to the Gulag with their parents, to avoid any incriminating evidence.
The people who ran the Soviet Union were distinguished only by their loyalty to Comrade Stalin and their proclivity to murder.  It was estimated by Robert Conquest, the famous historian of the Soviet Union, from census statistics, that were originally secret, that during its 70 years in power, the Soviets murdered ca. 80 million people. In order to avoid being killed themselves and to stop the voracious random terror, Stalin’s cronies, the rest of the Central Committee led by Comrade Khruschev and supported by the Red Army under Gen Zhukov, arrested Beria at gunpoint and summarily executed him.  This is what can happen when only the Government has arms and the citizens are disarmed.

3 thoughts on “Gun Reform

  1. All Jewish schools in London have a security entry point which is situated away from the school through which everyone has to pass. Documents have to be shown by any visitors and checks are made first before letting them in. Why isn’t this the answer for America?


  2. Automatic rifles have been effectively banned since the 1930s. I think you confuse automatic with semi automatic. Most of the handguns in the US are semi auto, so are most rifles. The semi automatic rifles modeled after the M-16 are designed to wound, not to kill. That’s why the bullets have metal jackets and low caliber. A wounded soldier is a greater liability than a dead one. On the other hand, pistols are designed to kill. They use hollow point high caliber bullets. They kill because they have to have stopping power, which you need when defending yourself from immediate danger. Many hunting rifles are more deadly than the rifles used in school shootings. Shotguns would be worse, and so would most handguns.

    Felons are barred from owning or possessing firearms. Usually for life. Even for non violent acts. Any felony will do. The minimum age to purchase a gun from a licensed dealer is 21, and 18 from a private party. Thus virtually all your recommendations are already in place.

    Violence in American movies is nothing new. No proof it causes anyone to commit violent acts.

    Your comments on the Soviet Union are accurate. Some historians believe Stalin was planning the mass murder of Russian Jews, Hitler style. Some believe it was Zhukov who killed Stalin to save his Jewish wife. See the book, “Why didn’t Stalin kill all the Jews” for a detailed and documented history.


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