FBI Collusion

According to the infamous memo that Pres. Trump released this week, the issue is not Russian collusion with the Republicans, but rather FBI collusion with the Democrats to prevent Trump being elected President.

It was a memo produced for the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee by its Chairman Devin Nunes, summarizing the findings of an investigation into the case behind the whole FBI/DOJ investigation of the Russian affair.  But, some of the contents are truly disturbing.  It shows that the FBI used the report of a British spy named Christopher Steele, who was paid by the Clinton Election campaign to dig up dirt on Trump.  And then individuals in the FBI, who are now on record as being dedicated to preventing Trump winning at all costs and who expected to be rewarded by Clinton if she won, took over the investigation of the Trump campaign’s supposed collusion with Russia.  What a smelly kettle of fish, what an unethical and biased process.  Some of these agents, including Peter Strzok, have since been fired from the case by the Special Counsel Mueller.  It is too late to be able to say that this investigation is objective, it is totally compromised.

I don’t propose to get into the details of this situation, there are too many strands and too many characters involved.  To say that it resembles the Watergate affair with Nixon is an understatement.  This is hard-ball politics played for keeps by people who are dedicated to destroy the careers of opponents as enemies and also to subvert the will of the people.  When the full story comes out, if it ever will, it will make an exciting story and movie.  Until then lets hope it does not prove as damaging to the fabric of American democracy as some think.


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