Trump’s SOTU Speech

President Trump gave his first State of the Union speech to Congress one year after taking office.  I watched the whole speech.  This was not high-flying oratory, it was not articulate or memorable phraseology, as we have heard before.  But, it was nevertheless a great speech, why?  Because it was measured, deliberate and policy-based.  The overall approach was patriotic and pragmatic.  He outlined his intended initiatives for the coming year and covered them very effectively.  He also called for across-the-aisle cooperation with the Democrats, although from the way the Democrats sat silently with sour faces it was clear that little cooperation will be forth-coming from them, even on issues that they supposedly support.

The issues he outlined include:

  • Immigration: Trump is absolutely right that the US has a defective immigration system that allows illegal immigrants to get away with it.  The round-up and release system, the chain immigration of extended families, and the lottery are all ways that criminal gangs and terrorists can and do infiltrate into the USA.  Further, the legal immigration system is not based on merit, as it was when I became a legal immigrant to the USA.  The ides that somehow the US should take the poor and dispossessed without any consideration of how they will support themselves is ridiculous.  I strongly oppose the idea that because we were once immigrants we should support all other immigrants, whether they are legal, illegal or purely economic migrants.  He also mentioned that we need the “wall” with Mexico to prevent illegal immigration.
  • Infrastructure: There is no doubt that the infrastructure of the USA, bridges, roads and ports are in a state of decay, having been ignored by previous administrations.  This is partly because some of these assets are also owned by the States.  So now a sharing program must be instituted that will enable the considerable funds required to be amassed, including private industry.
  • Foreign Aid: It makes no sense for the US to be providing billions of dollars in foreign aid when much of it goes to countries and entities, such as the Palestinians, who are consistently anti-American.  If the BDS movement wants to support the Palestinians, let them pay for their welfare from cradle to grave, the US taxpayer should not bear that burden.
  • Economy:  The US economy is thriving since Trump took office.  Some have questioned whether he can take credit for this, of course he can, he is the President.  The stock market has consistently reached new highs, and money and jobs are returning to the US after many decades of loss.   After introducing the largest tax reform in US history Trump is well on the way to increasing jobs and salaries to new highs.  It was symptomatic of the Democrats, that even the Black caucus members did not applaud his mention that Black unemployment is the lowest ever.

I enjoyed his introduction of many people who exemplified the American tradition of service and commitment.  Altogether his emphasis on elected officials being the servants of the American people was very effective.  In this speech Trump came across as Presidential, dedicated, sober and well-informed.  Not the crazy, unhinged, amateur idiot that a lot of Democrats and show business personalities would like us to believe.


2 thoughts on “Trump’s SOTU Speech

  1. Jack, you didn’t mention what Trump had to say about the environment, I nearly puked when he raved about “beautiful coal”: Also Trump expects to end “chain migration” by limiting immigration to spouses and minor children of legal residents. Besides being morally repugnant, it actually undermines family values and doesn’t make economic sense. Americans often send remittances to family members in less affluent countries. If these family members, like parents and siblings, were allowed to come here the remittance money would stay in America. The parents of working immigrants could take care of their young children thus making the immigrants even more productive.


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