New Appointment

Dear readers, I have been appointed a Visiting Professor for three years at the Chemistry Department of Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva.  I received the treasured yellow parking sticker that enables me to park anywhere on campus.  I will be pursuing research into the synthesis of chemically modified analogs of DNA in collaboration with a young member of the staff, Barak Akabeyov.  In addition, I will be helping him and others with writing grants and papers in English.  This will involve me in spending some time on the campus, which is about 10 mins drive from where we live.  I am telling you this because it might affect the time I have to write blog articles and might reduce my output.

I have been writing this blog, IsBlog, since about 2000, that is an amazing 18 years, with an almost daily posting (excluding Shabbat) since about 2013.  In fact I have posted 3,467 articles, amounting to ca. 1.6 million words.  I have already published a collection of my humorous and diy articles in a book entitled “Humorous Husbandry” that is available on   One day I would like to publish a selection of my articles about Israel and the Middle East, but time so far does not permit that.  I originally said I would continue writing these articles until there is peace between Israel and the Arabs, but that may take forever.

In fact, I have now been a Visiting Professor at all three top Universities in Israel, Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and now Ben Gurion University.  I wonder how many people have had that distinction.  Also, I am now approaching the age of 80 years old (anyone who would like to see my abbreviated scientific cv can go to: ).  I must say that when I started out as a young post-doctoral fellow at the Weizmann Institute in Israel in 1964 I never expected that I would still be engaged in active research at this advanced age.  One never knows what adventures lie ahead.


13 thoughts on “New Appointment

  1. Well deserved Jack:::::::::; you’ll have time for “thinking” in other directions……….am so pleased for you….you said you hoped to get the position.

    Been with Mo fr most of the week…….Shiva finished this morning.

    Am off to Haifa soon………….no. 1 granddaughter in expo of architectural project with fellow UNI students…..

    Hug to Naomi –




  2. Congratulatons! I knew you could not lie fallow and so you have proven me right. May your activity bring good results. Good luck Ruth


  3. Mazeltov – you are so lucky at your advanced age to have the capabilities and the patience to do this. Many years in the old dog yetxx


  4. Dear Jack: Unlike you, many people would not advertise they have held positions at 3 leading universities because it raises a question:

    Why can’t Jack keep a job?

    Are we back to antisense? That’s so old hat by now.

    Or are you developing a new synthetic DNA code?

    Anyhow, congratulations again.

    Your friend and fab supporter. Frank


  5. Jack

    Congratulations on your appointment. You are a combination of excellent speaker and powerfully knowledgable and I am sure many students will now benefit from your knowledge. As lovers of Israel this makes both of us happy.



  6. Kol HaKavod Jack!!!!
    So glad that you will have a such a productive outlet for your vast knowledge. The university and the students and researchers will certainly benefit from your experience. Also, glad that you will be able to get out and do other things with people, it is so important for your own self preservation. May you go from strength to strength. Please give Naomi a hug from me.
    Rachel and Raymond


  7. Wishing you all the very best of luck. You are really an amazing person Jack and deserve to have a good life in your new home with your lovely wife Naomi who I am happy to see from your writings is still precious to you. Have a lovely Pesach with your family. Linda hurdch


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