Another Palestinian Terrorist Murder

Rabbi Raziel Shevach was gunned down by Palestinian terrorists in his car near the settlement of Havat Gilad in Samaria last Wednesday.  He left a wife and six children.  This is another of the so-called “lone wolf” attacks, in which a Palestinian terrorist will be paid (or his family will be compensated if he is caught) for murdering Jews, with PA money derived from aid donations.  Please explain to me what is the difference between this and organizing terrorism, the answer is NONE!

After the shocking murder, the IDF are hunting for his killer(s) and the Israeli Government has decided to recognize the settlement of Havat Gilad and to supply it with water and electricity, that it has not had until now.  Yael, the wife of Rabbi Sevach, legitimately asked “why did my husband have to die for us to get connected to the grid?”

The response of the PA leadership to the US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel goes from bad to worse, with a statement by Saeb Erekat that the Palestinians will revoke their 1993 recognition of Israel.  Actually they never really recognized Israel, they voted to amend the PLO charter to remove the clause calling for the destruction of Israel, but under Yasir Arafat they never did.   How can the Palestinians maintain that they favor peace while all the time doing the opposite.

Actually, the Arab rioting that was going on around Jerusalem after the Trump decision has quieted down and all but died out.  It hardly caused a stir in the media or in reality.  The rioting and demonstrations in Iran caught much more media attention, because they are indeed much more important.  That is the failure of the Palestinians.  They have a fake cause, that exists more in the minds of American Jewish intellectuals, leftist Europeans and Islamic extremists than in reality.  If the Palestinians indeed do revoke their fake recognition of Israel and if the Islamic nations do indeed recognize Palestine as a fake state at the UN, it will make no actual difference.  Its like kids playing a game of  “Stratego.”


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