Aid and Strings

It is about time that the US, that spends billions of dollars a year on foreign aid, linked that aid to some form of cooperation with US policies.  For many years hundreds of millions of dollars, given to such countries as Pakistan and to the Palestinians, have been used to line the pockets of corrupt rulers and to subsidise terrorism.  The US through its UN representative Nikki Haley has announced that they will cut m$255 from the Pakistan aid budget and Pres. Trump himself has announced that he will cut aid to the Palestinians, since they are not cooperating in any peace process.  Of course, they haven’t participated in any peace process for over 10 years, but they have still been getting hundreds of millions of dollars in aid and they are using it to pay their terrorists (or their families) for killing Jews.

In response, Pres. Abbas of the PA, never showing any gratitude for the money spent, roundly criticized the US and Pres. Trump, and said that they will not cooperate with the US.  How is it that the US (the State Dept. excepted) hasn’t realized that the Palestinians, like most of the Arabs, are virulently anti-American?  Don’t they remember that on 9/11 when the Twin Towers were attacked, the Palestinians celebrated in the streets, handing out candies and firing fire-crackers (some pro-Palestinian media censored these actions, including CNN and BBC)?  Abbas also said that the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was a declaration of war by Israel and the USA.  But, then it is the Palestinians who are waging war on Israel and the US is paying their bills.  What hypocrisy!

Finally, after the disaster of Obama, we have a US Administration that rewards its friends and punishes its enemies.  The US aid given to Israel (ca. b$3) is a good investment for the US.  Not only is Israel a close ally and friend of the US, but it has voted with the  US at the UN more than any other country (including the so-called European allies). Much of the military aid (ca. 40%) given to Israel is returned to the US in the form of Israel buying American-made military hardware, including fighter planes.  This keeps a lot of Americans employed.  Israel acts as America’s biggest aircraft carrier!  If push comes to shove with Iran, the US (and the Saudis) will be very glad they have Israel on their side.



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