Predictions for 2018

In the Middle East there will be major changes expected in 2018.

  • First the riots in Iran that are gaining momentum will be put down by the Iranian Guard of the regime with ruthless suppression.  But, once again the people will not stand for it, and soon after a new series of riots will erupt with even more support.  Note that the Islamic revolution in Iran was 40 years ago and most young people today have no memory of anything but clerical control.  Having a Supreme Leader who is a fanatical Shia extremist is not to the likes of young Iranians, especially since the regime is supporting foreign wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon.  As they have said “Give the money to us, not to the Palestinians.”   Once the genie is out of the bottle it can’t be put back.  Unlike before with Barack Obama, the Trump Administration will do all it can to support the Iranian uprising (it was a great stain on the Obama Administration that they failed to support in any way the riots after the stolen election of 2009 in Iran)..
  • The Palestinians will continue to riot against the Trump decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but no-one will take much notice.  After the ascension of Mohammed bin Salman as King, the Saudis will come out more openly with their agreement with Israel and the US in a coalition against Iran.  The Palestine question will fade into the background.
  • Egypt will continue to struggle in its war with the IS terrorists, and more Christians will be killed.  Copts in Egypt will suffer more casualties (ca. 100 were killed in 2017) and the Sisi regime will try unsuccessfully to stop the attacks.  More Christians will be killed in Iraq and Syria, even though IS has ostensibly been defeated.
  • The Arab Muslim failed States, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Lebanon, will continue to founder and the Sunni-Shia clashes will expand now that IS is practically defeated.
  • There will be more deadly terrorist attacks by “lone wolves” in the West, in the US, Canada, Britain, the EU and elsewhere.  As the Islamic State is destroyed, so they will turn their focus on the distant enemy, as Al Qaeda did in the past.
  • Pres. Putin will continue to expand his influence in the Middle East.

It doesn’t take great prognostication ability to foresee the above events.  But, look out for more unpredictable and surprising events now that Pres. Trump is in charge.