Who is the real victim?

Have you ever noticed that people and groups usually identify their own faults in their enemies.  Thus, bullies usually consider themselves victims, they are often under-achievers, and in order to explain their inability to deal with their reality, they blame it on others and attack them for it.  This is known as scape-goating, based on the Biblical tradition of transferring your sins to an animal, usually a goat, and casting it out into the desert (I joke with my wife that she is my scape-wife).

Of course, the classic case of group scape-goating is anti-Semitism.  The Jews were a convenient and defenceless minority which it was easy to blame for the inadequacies of the Germans and other peoples of Europe and the Middle East.  Thus, all the bad characteristics that the German Nazis ascribed to the Jews were in fact their own faults, mirrored in their hatred of the Jews.  For example, Jews were supposed to be planning to take over the earth, a ludicrous idea for such a weak minority, when in fact the German Nazis were actually planning to do so and nearly did and at one point at the beginning of WWII they actually conquered a huge area from France to Russia.

Jews were supposedly obsessed with money and controlled the banks and were stealing money from the non-Jews.  Whereas in fact the Germans were obsessed with money and took every opportunity to steal money from the Jews, and to make it easier they murdered them in a very efficient and abhorrent manner (they were not the only ones to do this, the Spanish Inquisition enriched the Catholic Church in the same way).   The anti-Semites claimed that the Jews were “clannish” and kept to themselves, while in fact the Germans were notoriously racist, believed they were a “pure” “Aryan” white race and in fact did not allow any “inferior races” such as Slavs (Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenes, Serbs, Russians) and Hungarians and Jews to become German citizens before WWI (with some exceptions).  Jews were also criticized for being God’s “chosen people” when in fact the Germans were arrogant and believed they were superior to others.

The same effect is used in the Middle East conflict between Arabs and Jews.  Jews were historically a small minority and were the indigenous people of the region (in fact from Judah or Judea), and were for centuries the victims of Arab oppression, reduced to inferior “dhimmi” status (like Native Americans in the US).  Now the Arabs, masquerading as Palestinians, have usurped that minority status and institutionalized their supposed victim-hood.  Note that the Arabs came from Arabia and conquered the surrounding regions (including Israel) starting soon after the death of Mohammed.  They are not indigenous to the area of Israel. Further, after the break-up of the Turkish Empire after WWI, as ratified in treaties and Mandates of the League of Nations, the Arabs established 6 States (now Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait, Arabia) and the Jews one (Israel).

The EU and the Europeans in general criticize Israel for being “colonialist” “imperialist” etc. etc., when in fact Israel is the victim of Muslim and Arab imperial power, expressed in the obsession of the UN against Israel,   This is a victimizing of Israel by the majority of the nations of the world, in which supposedly liberal-leftist Europeans gladly participate (as a form of anti-Semitism).  Countries such as South Africa, that  were victimized by white supremacy (apartheid) now turn around and victimize Israel.  What hypocrisy, what ignorance (it was the Arab-Muslim countries that supplied S. Africa with oil in the apartheid era without which they could not have survived to suppress the Blacks).

Such dangerous forms of self-deception and blame unfortunately form the basis of international relations as practised today.  Perhaps Pres. Trump’s in his recent speech on the national security and international relations of the USA might up-turn this apple cart. Perhaps the incredible over-reaction to Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the de facto capital of Israel might be the trigger to start to reform this ludicrous state of affairs.


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