Last inheritance

This story concerns my mother-in-law Millie Silverstein’s last inheritance.   She died last January at the age if 101, and since she lasted so long, money had of course to be found to pay for her stay in the nursing home in Netanya.  The monthly maintenance fee and the cost of the carer (metapelet) was several thousand dollars per month.  This was excluding the cost of food and the room that was paid from an escrow account from the money from selling her apartment.

Millie was always an excellent saver and was very frugal, and she managed to save two UK accounts, one for each daughter. When her own funds in Israel ran out, these funds were used to pay for her expenses.  Luckily each daughter was a co-signator of her a/c, so it was easy to liquidate them and transfer them to Israel.  As her apotropus (legal guardian) in Israel I was well aware that the funds were running low, and when she died there was a bit over NIS 100,000 (ca. $30,000) in her a/c.  I had to inform the bank of her demise and give them a copy of her death certificate and then they immediately froze the a/c.  So I was not able to pay some of her final expenses from it, and I paid them myself.  Also, the bank would not release the money without a court order, so we had to probate her will.

Of course the court took many months and required further documents, and then further months.  Until a few weeks ago we received the court’s decision, her will is valid and they appointed Naomi (her oldest daughter) as the trustee, but since I am Naomi’s apotropus, I can be the trustee in her place.  I went to the branch of the bank in Beer Sheva where we now live and saw the manager, and he said it should be a straightforward case, but he cannot handle it, I will have to return to the branch in Netanya where the account is located.

It took two weeks for the original official letter from the court to be mailed from Netanya to Beersheva. I was informed by the manager of the branch of the bank in Beersheva that all I need is the court letter and the original of my legal appointment as Naomi’s guardian.  But, after travelling to Netanya (2 hrs each way) the Manageress of the branch there read the documents carefully and decided that she could not decide and release the funds and said she will let the bank’s legal department consider the case.  Very frustrating, but stay tuned.

PS. Because life intervenes I have not been as active posting blogs as usual.  I had medical tests and a trip to Netanya (as above).  More soon.




2 thoughts on “Last inheritance

  1. Oh Jack!. First of all we hope the results of your Medical Tests were all fine.

    So sorry you had to face all this Israeli “balagan”. Extremely frustrating. However, it has brought to my

    Attention things I must do too in order to avoid such problems

    We wish you and all the family a very Happy Chanukah. Loads of love to Naomi too,

    Rosalind and Leslie.

    Stay well both of you.



  2. Sorry that the trip to Netanya was not the final chapter to Millie’s story. Laat, Laat as they say, and we are sure all will be finalized in your favor. Good luck with everything. Hope that your tests will all be fine as well. Hope you are all enjoying the lights of Hanukkah. Take care and be well.
    Happy Hanukkah and Shabbat Shalom,
    Rachel and Raymond


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