Dizziness and Dehydration

Last week I had an unfortunate incident.  Because I have the digestive condition known as diverticulosis (irritable bowl syndrome), I have to be careful what I eat and how much I eat.  Too much rich food causes me to feel nauseous and sometimes to throw up.  This is what happened to me unexpectedly, and because I have another condition (hypo-pituitarism) I have to give myself an injection of steroid (cortisone) when I do throw up.  So far nothing out of the ordinary.  But, this time I was also struck by a terrible bout of dizziness.  I have had bouts of dizziness before, once caused by too much looking at the computer monitor (so I switched to LCD).  Although it was bad it passed in about 3 days.

But, this time it was terrible, I could not even lie down, it seemed to make it worse.   I was so distraught with this situation that I called my daughter and we went to the doctor. She said I was probably dehydrated from throwing up and gave me a referral to the emergency room at the hospital (if you don’t get the referral from the doctor you have to pay yourself).  So we went to Soroka Hospital in Beer-Sheva that has the reputation of being an excellent hospital.   Since it is a teaching hospital I was attended by a young trainee doctor who happened to be an Arab.  He was very meticulous and took a detailed medical history, which was good because of my complications.

He too decided that I was dehydrated and gave me a saline infusion (drip) with a digestive relaxant.  After about an hour of this the effect of dizziness began to wear off.  Although we spent 6.5 hrs in the emergency room, not surprising since my problem was not life threatening and he had me also do two CT scans, nevertheless, after the infusion I was feeling much better and the dizziness dissipated and he released me.  So I learnt a lesson of which I was not aware, dehydration can lead to terrible dizziness.  Take care and when necessary drink a lot.


5 thoughts on “Dizziness and Dehydration

  1. Jack, sorry to hear about your troubles. Sudden onset dizziness has many etiologies and should be immediately checked in the hospital.

    Good thing you got there!

    Arab doctors are just as good, or better, than any other doctors.



  2. Jack,

    Your Emails are usually funny, when not being serious!!!!!! However, I sincerely hope you are now fully recovered.

    Hopefully, you are settled into your new surroundings, and enjoying your new home.

    Please tell Naomi I sent her my love. I surely miss her lovely smile when I am in Town.

    Les remains stable, which is good.

    Stay well, both of you,



    • Ros: good to hear from you. Thanks for the good wishes. Naomi is still smiling in between bouts of delusions when she is searching for her husband jack (not me) or for the upstairs (in a one story house). I am fine and we ate well settled in. Good lick with Les. Best wishes Jack


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