Terrorism in America

Any country that allows the entry of large numbers of Muslims is going to have acts of Radical Islamic Terrorism (RIT) that will kill large numbers of its civilians.  That is a fact, there is no escaping it.  A certain small proportion of them, from Somalia, from Syria, from Uzbekistan and from wherever, will become radicalized and will act.  Whether from revenge for Western power, from personal discontent, or from religious principles, such as jihad, there will be a mass casualty attack, period.

The fact that it just happened in NYC is no surprise, it will happen elsewhere too.  Until the US and the rest of Europe wizens up and stops the free entry of Muslims this will continue.  In that respect I fully support Pres. Trump, positive vetting must be done, and the easiest way to avoid casualties is to stop the entry of all young Muslim men, period.  I say to all those good liberals who want to help the poor, suffering Muslims, do you want your child, husband, wife, parents to be murdered by one of them?  It’s going to happen.  In the latest incident carried out by an Uzbeki who had been in the US for 9 years, only 8 people were killed and 6 of them were foreigners, but 11 were injured.

To those who say this was a “lone wolf” attack, that he was not part of a larger plot or organization, I say nonsense.  He was radicalized by a portion of the anti-Western RIT movement, he was given instructions by Al Qaeda or IS to carry out this attack.  Using a truck or car to ram people is not a new tactic, it has been used in Jerusalem, Nice, Paris, Berlin and London.  Now NYC has its attack, who will be next.

Also, there is far too little collection of personal data from these Muslim immigrants.  Their right to privacy stops when they enter the US and begin to watch RIT sites on the internet (why are they allowed anyway?) and begin to plan their attack.  Thousands are doing it now.  In the UK they have stated that they are actively watching 8,000 potential Muslim terrorists, and there are more.  In the US they have hardly scratched the surface, that is why they had no clue about this individual.  I hope that eventually, when the cost gets higher and more civilians are killed, that a more restrictive approach will be used to prevent potential RITs from entering the US and other countries.


4 thoughts on “Terrorism in America

    • That’s a different issue. People are killed in cars too, but that has nothing to do with terrorism.
      You work on reducing the numbers killed by white Americans and leave the terrorism to others.


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