Balfour Declaration Centenary

Think of it this way, suppose we were not Jews living in Israel.  A group of people, a tribe or nation, gets a Declaration from a major imperial power that they should get their own homeland.  Then a major war is fought and after the war as part of the peace agreement that Declaration is enshrined into international law by an international body, in this case the League of Nations, and then confirmed by the United Nations.  Subsequently that imperial power (GB) leaves the scene and the contestants for the Land fight it out.  The side with the Declaration wins and the other loses.  Then this side declares itself a State and the UN recognizes it.  End of story.

Unfortunately not quite, because many actors on the sidelines refuse to accept the reality, and they are still tilting at windmills, still trying to reverse history, which cannot be reversed after 70 years.  Think of all the enormous things that have happened since then, the fall of communism and the breakup of the Soviet Union, the reunification of Germany, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the collapse of most of the Arab regimes, and so on.  Can any of it be reversed?  Of course not!  It defeats logic to believe it can be.

The letter by Sir Arthur Balfour. then British Foreign Secretary, that declared that the British Government would support the establishment of a Jewish Homeland in a part of the Turkish Empire after it was defeated started the whole process.  But, lets face facts, this was only the imprimatur that the Zionists needed.  They would have established a State anyway.  But, it puts the lie to those idiots who deny that Israel has a “right to exist” since it does exist and will continue to do so, and nobody can alter that fact.

There are still people who have the desire and intention of trying to alter that fact, even 100 years after the Balfour Declaration was issued.  Notably the Iranians and those terrorist organizations it supports, Hamas and Hezbollah.  But, there is negligible likelihood that they will ever be able to carry out their recurrent threats.  So although we may celebrate the centenary of the Balfour Declaration and many articles will be written about its significance. nevertheless it is long since past history.  Let’s get on with the job of continuing to build our thriving country – Israel.


One thought on “Balfour Declaration Centenary

  1. Said so eloquently, and so true. There is still so much to do to make Israel successful and a place that all Jewish people can be proud of, but this is a true miracle of our lives. My grandparents could only dream of coming home, we are able to live and work to make Israel a thriving national possibility now and for many generations to come.
    Still, thank you to Arthur Balfour for being a visionary of his time, and even though it is 100 years ago, we should applaud him for the foresight and courage that his declaration evokes.


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