Palestinian Reconciliation?

Here we are not talking about Palestinian reconciliation with Israel, we are talking about the supposed reconciliation between Hamas in Gaza and the Palestine Authority that controls the West Bank.  In a surprise move, the terrorist organization Hamas dissolved its administrative governing body in Gaza and invited the PA to send representatives to take over from them.   Although this move was rumored to have been mediated by Egyptian President Al Sisi, as well as several other intermediaries, it is surprising since the enmity and difference between Hamas and Fatah seemed irreconcilable.

Hamas is an Islamist terrorist organization committed to the destruction of Israel.  Fatah that controls the PA is a Palestinian nationalist organization that claims it wants to make peace with Israel.  The problem is that it never takes any steps that would indicate the truth of this contention.  It never prepares its people for reconciliation and peaceful coexistence with Israel, on the contrary the PA continually and purposefully inculcates hatred of Jews among its population through education and propaganda and continually undermines Israel in international institutions.  Therefore the fact that Fatah chose to reconcile with Hamas rather than with Israel would indicate that it is going in the wrong direction.

Everyone knows what Fatah and the Palestinian movement must do to make peace with Israel, and it is not the much vaunted “two-state solution.”  They must first recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, then they must stop all violent terrorist acts against Israelis, and they must stop using the money donated to them to improve the welfare of their people for their own personal use and for buying missiles and building tunnels to attack Israel and for rewarding terrorists.   When we see these changes occurring then we might expect to see reconciliation between the Palestinian Arabs and Israel.  Until then reconciliation between the Palestinian factions is so much window-dressing.