Gun Reform

Does anyone in their right mind doubt that there is a need for gun reform in the USA? The latest mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed 58 people and wounded over 200, the worst in US history, is only the most recent of nearly one mass shooting a day throughout the US.  There is no need to restrict the right of citizens to bear arms in order to enact legislation that would also restrict potential killers from acquiring the automatic weapons that are only used to kill people.

Why did this individual have over 50 guns and several automatic weapons included.?  It is completely unnecessary and could only be for killing people.  It should not be allowed.  No-one needs more that two weapons to defend themselves.  This should be the limit, and there should be no sale of automatic weapons anywhere within the USA, including weapons that can easily be transformed into automatic ones.    It’s true that even two guns could be used to kill people, but not on such a mass scale.

Although the ability to defend oneself is a cherished right in the USA, where so many people do carry guns, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and to be able to expect your children to come home safely from school or a concert, are also cherished rights.  At present the balance of these rights seems skewed towards the former rather than the latter.  Doing nothing is unacceptable, gun reform is urgent, before another crazy person decides that he wants to kill more people than the previous mass murderers.  Times have changed, the US is not a frontier society anymore, where the reach of the law is limited.  Maybe Pres. Trump will have the backbone to finally do something about this travesty.


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