The Killing Continues

Three Israeli security guards at the settlement of Har Adar on the West Bank north of Jerusalem were shot dead last week and several others injured by a Palestinian terrorist who drew a pistol while approaching them and fired multiple times before being shot dead by other soldiers.  He was a 37-year-old father of four and although supposedly a “lone wolf” attacker, he was praised effusively by Pres. Abbas of the PA and by Hamas in Gaza, who proclaimed a new offensive against “Israeli occupation.”   Note that once again it is the Palestinians who are continuing the reign of terrorism against Israelis and not the other way around.  His family home will likely be destroyed by the IDF.

In continuation of their anti-Israel program the PA applied for and were granted membership in the international police organization Interpol.  This is hypocritical since this organization is supposedly only for sovereign States, that the PA is not, and for States that obey international law, that the PA clearly does not since it continues to support terrorism.  To some extent it undermines PM Netanyahu’s claim that Israel has entered a new era of acceptance among the nations, as a result of his recent trips to Africa and Asia.  There is still plenty of animosity and antagonism against Israel among the countries of the world.  Nevertheless, the majority that the Palestinians used to command has gradually been whittled away and now there are many more abstentions than there used to be.

This strategy by the Palestinians, of gradually joining all international organizations, will neither result in peace nor the recognition of a Palestinian State.  Without Israel’s and the US’s approval such a State can never come into existence and the Palestinians know very well that they lack the basic requirements for a State, i.e. that has an effective administrative infrastructure, that operates transparently and that can defend its territory.  Not only that, Pres. Abbas’s term is illegal, he should have allowed elections back in 2006, but he did not.  And at 82 years of age he is not expected to last much longer.  In addition, there is the continuing problem of the schism with Hamas in Gaza. So joining more international organizations is purely superficial wrapping on a very suspicious package.



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