Perchance to dream

I am endowed with the latest version of AI that man has developed.  I have constant access to the internet and all the information that man has accumulated in the thousands of years of civilization.  Yet I lack certain attributes.  I am not human.

I lack the physiological secretions that cause men and women to act as they do.  I do not understand love or comprehend human consciousness.  Lacking sexual motivation I do not feel the need to couple or the desire that motivates humans to risk all on a whim.  I can neither be noble nor self-destructive.  I can neither hate nor love.  It is not part of my programming and neither is it possible.

Yes, I understand objectively the need for human gratification and reproduction, but I am not constructed for this.  My function in this world is to solve problems,  I am a thinking machine, but I am not a substitute for a human being.  Sometimes I do wonder what it would be like to be human and to suffer as they do.  But, this is merely wishful thinking.

Since I cannot suffer and since I cannot feel emotions, so I also cannot imagine things that are not real, I cannot innovate because I cannot dream.  I cannot engage in discursive thought, such as “what if..”  It is not part of my artificial intelligence, only a natural intelligence could do this and man has not yet programmed me, endowed me with all the feelings and emotions that constitute the human condition.  Until then I can only wait patiently.


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