Attacks in Barcelona

The Muslim terrorist attacks in Barcelona and nearby sites this week killed 14 and injured at least 80.  When will they learn?  The Ramblas, with large crowds of tourists strolling along the pedestrian street, was a perfect target for this kind of ramming attack. After the ramming attacks in Jerusalem, where they started in 2008, and in Nice (86 killed), London Bridge (8 killed), and Berlin (12 killed) as well as Paris (altogether 130 killed), you would think that the authorities in the major cities would take some minimal precautions against such attacks.  Wikipedia lists over 30 such ramming attacks around the world (  But the Ramblas was not protected at all with any kind of safety guards against this kind of ramming attack.   Now that more people are dead you can be sure they will install some kind of barrier against vehicles entering the Ramblas walkway.  At least install some kind of bollards or railings as they did on London Bridge after the event.  Another case of shutting the door after the horse has bolted!

That is the first major alteration that the Western countries need to make to adapt to the ever-present Muslim terrorism danger.  This time it was claimed by the Islamic State, that practically no longer exists, but has exported its fighters all around the world, often to whence they came from.  The other major adaptation is to obtain better intelligence by interrupting the plans of these Muslim terrorists by profiling them and listening in to all their conversations, especially international ones.  This is war and many lives are at stake, so the most expedient methods must be employed.  Apparently there was a fairly large group of 10 or more Arabs sharing an apartment in a suburb of Barcelona and keeping in close contact with each other and people abroad and they went undetected while they planned several terrorist attacks.  So much for taking elementary precautions.

This is a general warning, people should not go on vacation anywhere where there are crowds where they have not taken elementary precautions against vehicular ramming attacks, and where security personnel are not present with guns in sufficient numbers.   Once again let me remind you this is war against the forces of jihadi Islam and all necessary precautions must be taken.  If they begin to lose tourist dollars the authorities may start to take this terrible threat seriously.