The North Korea Imbroglio

The situation with North Korea is coming to a head and the prospects do not look good. Dictator Kim Jong-Un is continuously raising the stakes, first developing a nuclear weapons program after signing an agreement (with Bill Clinton) that he would not do so, then developing and testing ICBM’s to deliver the nuclear weapons.  Finally he has gone one step too far by threatening to fire 4 nuclear tipped ICBM’s at the American territory of Guam in the Pacific, which is largely a US military base.  This has resulted in very strong fiery responses from Pres. Trump and his Secty. of Defense Gen. James Mattis (known affectionately as “Mad-Dog” Mattis).

The big problem is not so much North Korea itself, which the US military could wipe-out in a few weeks without any other interference, but the big problem is China.  Just as South Korea and Japan have been acting basically under the American defense umbrella, so N. Korea has been operating under the Chinese umbrella.  Until now, all previous US Administrations have been content to live under the illusion that China is willing to help ease the situation and prevent Kim Jong-Un from going too far.  That strategy has clearly failed.  Not only has China failed to rein in Kim Jong-Un, but it has also failed to show any intention of helping the US avoid a confrontation.  It is in China’s interests to show that the US is not as powerful as it thinks it is, and in that respect, testing a new President is a time-honored political custom.  But, China voted with Russia in favor of UN Security Council resolution 2371 to sanction N. Korea for its recent ICBM tests that are against international agreements.  So they seem to be giving the nod to American reaction to N. Korea’s provocations.  Whether or not this has anything to do with China’s own provocative actions in militarizing islands in the South China Sea that resulted from Obama’s policy of cowardice masquerading as liberal policy is unclear.

This all looks as if it could light the proverbial match that could lead to WWIII (or is it already IV or V).  If there is such a conflagration between NOK and the US, the two nations that would bear the brunt of the casualties would be not only NOK but also South Korea and Japan, with potentially millions of casualties.  Also, it is unlikely that China would allow NOK to be defeated and have US troops on its border, so China may find the US reaction to be a casus belli for them.  It all stinks of Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination in Sarajevo and Hitler’s march into the Sudeten Land.

Further, Pres. Trump is not Obama.  By now Obama would have gone on TV and given an articulate speech explaining why for a dozen reasons the US will step back and allow Kim Jong-Un to do whatever he wants.   Trump hopefully will not do that.  This is brinksmanship and it cannot be seen that the US backs down in the face of a petty tyrant like Kim Jong-Un.  If it does then every bully in the world, including Putin, Assad and Maduro will take their chances.   So we are headed for a classic “who blinks first” situation.  Let’s hope its the petty dictator who prefers his western luxuries to really facing the onslaught of US weapons.