Arrest the Leakers

Within days of Pres. Trump speaking confidentially on the phone with the leaders of Australia and Mexico, transcripts of the calls were published in the Washington Post.  Who does this help, only the enemies of the United States.  Why on earth would any self-respecting American in a position of responsibility in the White House leak such confidential and damaging information.  How can we expect any foreign leader to speak frankly with the President of the USA if they except to see their words in the newspaper a few days later.

This has to stop, and AG Sessions laid out the case in his statement today.  Already four government employees have been charged with crimes for leaking classified and confidential information.  I know that leaking is a way of life in Washington, and that some leaks, such as the co-called Pentagon Papers that showed that the Nixon Administration had been lying to the American people about the Vietnam War, and the more recent cases of Wikileaks, have done some good.  Clearly some people will resort to leaking information if they feel that it is against their basic principles.  But, now it has got out of hand, almost everything is being leaked, if only to tarnish the reputation of Pres. Trump.  Maybe it is Obama hold-overs and maybe not, but it has to be stopped.

Some of you may have seen the movie “Snowden” about the leaking of the huge number of documents showing that the US under the Obama Administration was analyzing US communication traffic (although not the actual content) to obtain security information and lying about it.  The movie was directed by Oliver Stone, a well-known leftist with anti-government opinions.  But, whatever the supposed principled opinions of Snowden, he broke his contract with his employer, the US government, when he revealed classified information, and he deserves to pay for it.  There is nothing different between Edward Snowden and any other spy, such as Jay Pollard and Aldrich Ames.  If he felt he must take this step he must pay the price.  Leakers must be arrested, charged and serve time.  Even those that leaked information about Hillary Clinton.