US Immigration policy

I was an immigrant to the USA, but I was that rare person, I was a legal immigrant. There are believed to be approximately 12 million illegal immigrants in the USA now, but that’s probably an underestimate.  As a legal immigrant, who went through the whole process of providing the necessary documentation, waiting my turn and then after 5 years in the USA taking the test and becoming a US citizen, I greatly resent all those illegal immigrants who avoided all the legal requirements.  It is clear to me that illegal immigration must be stopped and in that I agree with Pres. Trump.

The left are quite unconsciously locked in a contradictory argument.  They want to protect the illegal immigrants, give them legal status, let them reside unmolested in sanctuary cities.  Yet almost all of these illegals are entirely unqualified for any job other than unskilled and menial labour.  But, at the same time these liberals want to raise the minimum wage and help  lower class Americans to get jobs.  But the illegals compete with US citizens for  fewer and fewer unskilled manual jobs.  This leads to un-employment and greater costs to the middle class to support all the Americans on welfare.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to try to stop the illegal immigration by spending money on improved security (“The Wall”) and deport more illegals and give lower class Americans more chances to find jobs.  At the same time, the influx of drugs and Mexican drug cartels into the US should also be fought.

But, the recent statement of Pres. Trump addresses legal immigration, preferring skilled workers to unskilled.  This has been the requirement of immigration law in the US for a long time, it’s not new.  I was asked to write letters to support the immigration and citizenship of foreign workers and I had to emphasize that they were highly skilled and would be an asset to the USA.  I agree that this should be the focus of all immigration law, since there are fewer and fewer unskilled jobs and those that there are should be available to American workers, not a permanent unskilled foreign (mostly Mexican) underclass.

I saw the hostile exchange between Stephen Miller representing the Trump Administration and Jim Acosta of CNN in the White House press room yesterday.  It was highly partisan.  Why is CNN and the media in general representing the left in this argument, rather than seeking to find the truth and reporting it.  We want to know what the Administration is saying , not have it filtered by hostile opponents.  But, that aside, quoting the poem on the statue of liberty as an example of US immigration policy is ridiculous leftist nonsense.  It has not been followed for most of American history, certainly not since the exclusion of Jews from the late 1920’s onwards.  I as one who went through the legal process to immigrate to the USA in the 1960’s, can attest to the fact that it bears no resemblance to Emma Lazarus’ emotive poem.