Focus on Real Issues

I agree with the majority of the American people, who cares about the so-called “Russia collusion” investigations, they are unimportant and will lead nowhere.  They are merely a device by the Democrats that demonstrate how desperate they are that they lost the election, and can’t get over it.  Trump was elected fair and square, its old news. Russians may have interfered in the election but there is no evidence whatsoever that they in any way did so with collusion from the Trump campaign.

There have been any number of hearings, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner testified, and the Committee even dropped the need for former Trump Campaign Head Paul Manafort and Trumps’s son to give evidence.  Why? because there was no basis for an investigation.  The American people are tired of this “get Trump at any cost” mentality, and it is indeed costing both in time and money.  What they want is for the Congress to do the business of the people that is necessary, to finally come to terms with the real issues, of health care, tax reform and infrastructure repair.  This is what Pres. Trump has been saying, to both Democrats and Republicans alike.

What is the real news that is being overlooked by the biased liberal news media: 1. The Dow industrial index has continuously risen from less than 20,000 when Trump was elected to over 26,000 now.  That rise in the US stock market is an incredible indicator of the strength of the US economy; 2. The top 5 technology companies in the US (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Alphabet) have added 3 trillion dollars to their worth in the past few months and now spend more on R&D than the US Government;  3. As Trump promised, ISIS is being defeated with US help, in Mosul and Raqqa; 4. After incredible opposition from Congress, the Trump promise to repeal Obamacare finally has been stopped due to Republican resistance.  So stop the show trials and get to the real business of government.


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