Arab Terrorist Murders Three Israelis

From Algemeiner:  Three Israelis were stabbed to death and another was seriously wounded on Friday night by a knife-wielding Palestinian Arab terrorist who broke into a home in the West Bank settlement of Halamish, northwest of Ramallah.

According to media reports, the three fatalities, all adults, included two men and one woman who were members of the same family.   The preliminary investigation found that the attacker — identified as 19-year-old Omar al-Abed from the neighboring village of Kobar — climbed a fence and entered a home on the edge of Halamish.

The victims were taking part in a Shabbat meal at the time of the attack.   An off-duty soldier who was nearby heard the commotion and ran to the home, where he shot the terrorist, wounding him. The terrorist was detained and taken to a hospital for medical treatment.

The initial probe found that the terrorist was motivated by the ongoing Temple Mount tensions. Three Palestinians were killed in clashes with Israeli security forces in Jerusalem on Friday when protests — against the metal detectors put in place at the entrances to the Temple Mount following last week’s terrorist attack there in which two Israeli police officers were killed — turned violent.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmud Abbas announced on Friday he was freezing all contacts with Israel until the metal detectors were removed.

I reproduce this report since it is hot off the press.  I have some comments:

  1.  This attack is a direct result of the incitement to violence by the leader of the PA Mahmud Abbas and others.  This continual incitement is intolerable and leads to further terrorist acts.   Note that the incitement is against the use of metal detectors by Israeli police at the entrance to the Mosques on the Temple Mount that is purely a normal security device introduced after two Israeli border guards were shot dead by terrorists who came from the Mosque and returned there.  The actual status and access to the Mosques has not been changed.  
  2. How can we still call these “lone wolf” attacks?  They are part of a concerted culturally determined hatred of all Jews and Israelis and are intended to sow fear and terror among Israeli Jews.
  3. The family of this terrorist will receive a regular payment that is given to all families of Palestinian Arab terrorists.  Also, Arab terrorists in prison receive a regular stipend. Where does this money come from, ultimately it comes from the USA.  The amount given by the USA to the PA of m$30 pa is approximately the amount paid to all terrorists and their families, since there have been thousands of them.
  4. Every American reading this should contact their Senators and request them to support the “Taylor Force Act” that would rescind donations to the PA until they halt all payments to terrorists.  It is named after Taylor Force who was a US marine visiting Israel on a study trip who was stabbed to death on the Tel Aviv promenade in March, 2016, by a Palestinian Arab terrorist, who injured 11 others.  Pres. Trump has stated that he will sign this Bill into law if it is passed by the Senate.

One thought on “Arab Terrorist Murders Three Israelis

  1. What I can’t understand is why wasn’t the settlement well guarded, how can someone just climb over a fence and get in, especially with such a potential threat going on. It just doesn’t make sense.


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