Delusional politics

PM Netanyahu said very appropriately that the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO’s designation of Hebron as a “Palestinian city” as “delusional.” The UN is full of delusional politics, wishful thinking allied to a strong dose of fantasy.  Not only is Hebron historically a Jewish City, mentioned in the Bible many times and one of the so-called Holy cities in Judaism, but it is where the Tombs of the Jewish Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) and their wives are buried. Over the tombs Herod built a magnificent structure over 2000 years ago, that survives to this day.

The Arabs conquered the area in 639 ce and converted the Tomb into a Mosque, calling it the Ibrahimi (Abraham) Mosque and then Jews were not allowed beyond the third step into the building for 700 years.  This discriminatory nonsense was ended only when Israel defeated the Arab States and recaptured the area of Judea in 1967.  Not only did the Heritage Committee label the city as Palestinian but declared that it is in “danger” presumably from Israel!  This accepts completely the Palestinian lying narrative of the situation without any consideration for the Israeli truth.  The resolution was passed 12 to 3, with 6 abstentions.  Note that now they want to erect a plaque on the edifice with this ridiculous statement.  All anyone has to do is Google “the Tombs of the Patriarchs” and see that in fact this decision by UNESCO is absolutely incorrect.

Just because there are now a majority of Arabs in the city does not mean that the tombs and the building are “Palestinian,” they are not and never have been.  In fact the population of Hebron is known for its fierce hatred of Jews, which culminated in a massacre of Jews there is 1929 which murdered 67 Jews and many injured.  The British authorities then expelled the Jews from Hebron.   Jews only returned after 1967.  The irony is that most of the so-called Arabs of Hebron are probably descended from indigenous Jews, many of whom were first converted to Christianity and then forcibly to Islam. Their fierce anti-Jewish attitude may stem from this origin.

PM Netanyahu immediately cut Israel’s payment to UNESCO by m$1 and said that the money will be spent to improve the Jewish settlement in Hebron.


One thought on “Delusional politics

  1. It would be a good thing if other countries would also take their money away from this bias and ineffective organization as well. UNESCO should take a long look at themselves and realize what their real intentions are. Fantasy is a Disney thing.


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