The Palestinians are Losers

We in Israel need to foster the recognition of the fact that the Palestinians are losers. They have lost out to the realities of history.  They tried many times to prevent the return of the Jews to our historic homeland.  We were the remnants of a once great people escaping from the ravages of WWII Europe, the pitiful vestige of a once great presence throughout the Middle East in what is now known as the Arab World and exiles from throughout the world.  They tried in 1929 with massacres of Jews in the Holy Land and in 1936 they staged an uprising that was suppressed by the British forces.

After WWII, in 1948 the Arab armies of 6 states as well as the local Arabs (not yet known as Palestinians) tried to extinguish the nascent Jewish State at birth.  But they failed, just as the Arab States failed time and time again, in wars in 1956 (the Sinai Campaign), 1967 (the Six-Day War), 1973 (the Yom Kippur War) and 1982 (the First Lebanon War).  At that point these States realized the futility of banging their heads against a brick wall and gave up. First Egypt, then Jordan signed peace treaties with Israel.  But the Palestinians couldn’t stop, they tried the first intifada (1987-93), the second intifada (2000-05), the suicide bombings, the recent “knife intifada” (that seems to have petered out) and they still believe their own propaganda, that the Jews are scared, that the Jews can’t fight, that the Jews will run away, if only they can kill enough of us.  Such fools!

And what is their strategy, their only strategy is to destroy Israel, not to establish a state, not to improve their own people’s lives, but to destroy those of others, a typical Muslim strategy.  And they are split on how to do this, should they depend on Allah and terrorism as Hamas does, or on the support of the UN, as Fatah attempts to do.  But, neither of these tactics will succeed.  They are split, they are depraved, they are self-destructive.  In a word, they are losers.


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