Gross bias

Throughout the Western world  the stigma of being a “Zionist” has replaced the stigma of being a “Jew” as a pejorative term, and in fact any Jew can now be regarded as a Zionist (whether he/she supports Israel or not).  That is clear anti-Semitism.  Here are two examples:

In the UK, the Government allowed a few hundred activists to march through the center of London with pro-Hizbollah flags unfurled and messages stating “Death to Zionists.” Everyone knows what that means, its the same old story “death to Jews.” and it was allowed even though Hizbollah is recognized in the UK as a terrorist group that is a proxy of Iran.  Can you imagine them allowing any group to march that had banners saying “death to Muslims” or death to Arabs” or “death to Blacks.”  No that would be considered to be racist and would be banned because it would upset the targeted racial group.  But, Zionists and Jews can be targeted, that’s not racist.

In Chicago, the annual Dyke March refused to allow a group of Jewish lesbians to march with them with a rainbow flag with a Magen David (Star of David) in the center of it. They said the Magen David would cause concern for the safety to the other marchers and anyway they are all pro-Palestinian.  So now even dykes won’t accept Jews among them. What is it coming to?  Are we back in the 1930’s again.  But, note that dykes can march in the US and Israel, but they would be attacked if they tried that in any Muslim country.