Trans-Atlantic Differences

Since I grew up in Britain and spent most of my adult life in the US, I tend to watch the news from both countries.  At present they could not be more different.

The news from Britain is all about Brexit, PM Theresa May’s challenges and its consequences, with a secondary item about the fire at Grenfall Tower in London where up to now 79 people are known to have died.   The current conclusion, that seems obvious, is that the cladding they put on the building in 2016 was not fire-resistant and this caused the fire to spread very quickly, trapping many people on the top floors.   There is brief mention of Pres. Trump, usually emphasizing his problems.

In the US, the news is dominated by Pres. Trump’s problems, how Congressional Committees are investigating his terrible deeds, how he gave secrets to the Russians and how he is decimating the healthcare system of the USA.  The bias in the news reports is incredible, one recent example was a commentator who compared Trump to the Communist dictator of North Korea.  There is only one channel, Fox, that has a semblance of balance in its news reports, MSNBC and CNN have no consideration for the fact that Trump is the elected President of the USA, they clearly regard him as the enemy. Brexit is occasionally mentioned in the US news.

It is not unexpected that there is a different agenda and a distinct set of news stories in each of these two countries.  But, the current emphasis is so different that there is really hardly any overlap.  In a way this is bad, since it means that the alliance between Britain and America is weakened by their lack of common interests.