Shame on me!

We were just about to eat dinner and I decided to turn the air conditioning off.  I went to the remote control that is attached to the wall in the corridor and pressed the on/off button – and nothing happened!   I tried it again (dumb) and the same thing didn’t happen.  I looked at it and sure enough the damn remote was dead.  I thought, ha ha, change the batteries and went to find some AAA batteries, but did not have any.

Then Sahlee our carer reminded me that this had happened before, last year.  She said check and see if the remote is wet inside, and sure enough it was.  What had happened before, and evidently had happened again, was that the water pipe outlet of the a/c got blocked, the water builds up and then leaks on the floor of the compartment and then drips through the hole in the ceiling where the wire connects to the remote switch and then drips down onto the remote control, which I had placed immediately below it.  Yes, shame on me, how stupid can you get.  I had replaced the remote in exactly the same position it had been last year, when in fact I could have placed it anywhere.

Then I had to wait for the remote to dry out, I did this by placing it below a fan that blew air on it.  I went out and bought AAA batteries, then when I got home it was already dry and I replaced the batteries and – it worked.   I forgot to mention that since I could not turn the a/c off with the remote I turned it off at the main switch.  Also I got up into the a/c compartment and detached the water pipe outlet and blew through it hard and cleared it.  Then I poured about half a liter of water (containing some soap and some anti-algae copper solution) thru the pipe using a funnel and then I reconnected the pipe to the a/c and took out the bowl of water that had collected below it (without spilling too much of it).

Finally I turned the a/c back on at the mains and turned it off with the now working remote and then attached it to the wall – in a completely different location, far from the potential drip.  At least I learnt that lesson.  Then I checked, as long as water drips out of the end of the water outlet pipe (three stories below near the ground) I know its working.