Fixing the Electric Buggy

My sister Barbara and her husband Allan are visiting Netanya from the UK.  But, she has some trouble walking, so in previous years we have ordered an electric buggy for her to get around.  This time we waited until she was here and then went to rent a small one-seat buggy from this tiny shop in Netanya run by a little old man.  She chose a small one and then we had to get it into the trunk of my car.  To do this we had to disassemble it and take the seat off the chassis.  There was a fairly large metal pin that went through a hole in the seat assembly that we had to keep in order to reassemble it.

When we got back to the hotel where they are staying I wanted to put the pin back in the hole, but it wouldn’t go.  I realized the hole was not aligned so I managed to twist the tube sticking out from the chassis a bit by hand, until the pin went in. and then the seat could be reattached. Barbara got on the buggy and quietly rode away.

Sunday evening at 7 pm I received a call that they could not get the seat back on the buggy, again!  They had removed the seat and the electric battery pack in order to recharge it in the hotel luggage room, and now could not get it back together.  Of course, the problem was that the pin would not go in.  I raced down there with some tools, luckily I took a  wrench that I figured would be useful.

When I arrived I found three men, Allan and two custodians, around the disassembled buggy in the lobby of the hotel, one man on his knees and hitting the tube inside the chassis from the bottom with a large hammer.  I told him to stop.  Then I took the wrench and in a few turns found the hole and managed to pull it and twist it until it was aligned. Then I put the pin back in. But, then the battery pack would not fit in again.  I remembered that the battery had been below the pin in the morning, so I took the pin out, replaced the battery pack and then put the pin back in and then replaced the seat.  It was all reassembled and it worked.

Remember, next time you’re in trouble, you know who to call!