Mosque Attack in UK

In case anyone thinks otherwise, let me say clearly that I am totally and completely against any form of terrorism.  Just because I criticize Islam for its belief system that leads to terrorism, this makes no difference to me.  There is no justification for killing innocent people, none!  This is true for the terrorist incidents in Manchester, and at the London bridges, and the recent ramming attack against Finsbury Park Mosque.  I include all Palestinian terrorist incidents against Israelis as well as those against all European and US citizens. Terrorism is wrong, period.  This goes against the opinions of many westerners, who excuse Palestinian terrorism because they think it has some justification (“the way they are treated,” they are “desperate”).  Nonsense.  let me repeat – there is no justification for terrorism!

My daughter pointed out an important distinction.  Terrorism attacks random human targets, while a hate crime attacks people of only one kind.  So there is a difference between random and targeted terrorism.  The anti-Muslim driver who rammed the people outside the Mosque, killing one person, was motivated by hatred of Muslims.   The Palestinian who stabbed the policewoman to death in Jerusalem last week hated all Jews. But, the IS killers who sprayed Parisians with gunfire or bombed the concert in Manchester were driven by hatred of all infidels, and might even have killed many Muslims. Nevertheless,. all such terrorist killing, whatever the basis of the hatred, is wrong. There can be no civilized excuse for such killings!

This does not mean that targeted killings of active or potential terrorists is not justified as a counter-measure.  Nor that we should accept the kind of religious excuses given by Muslims for the murder of infidels because they don’t accept Islam.  If there is a national-religious ethic justifying the slaughter of people, that belief system must be stopped and changed (just like Nazism or Communism).  So the teaching in mosques and schools around the world that jihad is justified against infidels is wrong and only fuels terrorism. Similarly the teaching of hatred of Jews by the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas school system is wrong and must be stopped.  Such western-financed incitement must be curtailed!


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