Terrorism in Jerusalem

In a coordinated terrorist incident last Friday, three Palestinian Arab terrorists attacked Israeli policemen guarding the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem and shot and stabbed them. One policewoman was stabbed to death and two others were injured.  The three assailants were shot dead at the scene.  Although the Islamic State claimed credit for the attack, the Israeli police found no connection to them and Hamas in Gaza denied that IS was involved.  The policewoman, 23-year-old St.-Sgt. Hadas Malka, was buried the next day.

At first the BBC reported the incident as “Three Palestinians shot dead in Jerusalem after stabbing.”  After protests that went as high as PM Netanyahu they changed the headline to ‘Policewoman stabbed to death in terrorist incident in Jerusalem.”   This kind of deliberately misleading headline that emphasizes the deaths of the terrorists as if they were innocent Palestinians, compared to the actual attack by them on Israeli police, is characteristic of the BBC (and many other media).  There is no doubt that there is institutional bias at the BBC that includes both Islamic infiltration as well as left-wing journalists and editors sympathetic to the Palestinian cause who are automatically anti-Israel.  At least in this case they changed the headline to reflect the actual situation.

The following day the Israeli police rounded up some 350 Palestinian Arabs present illegally in the Old City and surroundings.  Often the police ignore these Palestinian workers without legal papers allowing them to be in Israel.  But, after such an incident the terrorists spoil the situation for all concerned.  It is mystifying why there is sympathy for the Palestinian terrorists who are shot dead here in Israel, but not for the Islamic terrorists who attack such sites as Borough Market in London and are shot dead there. There is no such thing as a “good” terrorist!