The Shooting in Virginia

There was a deliberate shooting on the number three Republican politician in the US Government, Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, Republican majority whip.   Four others were shot including two Capital guards and the shooter was killed. The irony is that this was carried out by a leftist/Democrat supporter, who has taken a gun and gone to exact political revenge, yet it is the Democrats who generally support gun control, while the Republicans support the right to bear arms.

The shooter was a 66-year-old man from Illinois James T. Hodgkinson, who before opening fire checked that those playing baseball on the field were Republicans.  Does someone journey from Illinois to Washington with a rifle and randomly happen to find a group of senior Republicans early in the morning in baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia?  No, this was highly politically motivated and I personally blame the left, the entire left, for making a toxic environment in Washington, where even the legitimacy of the election of Pres. Trump is not only called into question, but they have found excuses to oppose almost everything that Trump has set out to do, on immigration, on healthcare, on tax reform and on security.

And they have started hearings on practically every action that has occurred, including the bogus Russian collusion of the Trump campaign, the investigation of Comey’s firing, the questioning of Secty. Sessions.  It is becoming ridiculous the extent that the Democrats have tied the political process up in knots and prevented any cooperation and progress.  If the Democrats think this is going to help them electorally they will have a great shock coming.  The American people want to see progress, not the continuation of stalemate and highly partisan politics.

As to this politically motivated shooting, it appears that this individual had even threatened the life of President Trump on his Facebook page, and nothing happened. Where is the US Government that is supposed to be monitoring all our actions and statements, why was nothing done about this, was it sheer incompetence on the part of the security services or was it a Democrat who made the decision to let it go?  Important questions need to be asked and answered.  How can a comedienne think it was acceptable to joke about beheading the President and show a bloody head on TV, how can a political commentator Reza Aslan swear against the President in public? These are unfortunately not rare incidents, such a political atmosphere has consequences. This must stop!!

This situation reminds me of the time before the assassination of PM Rabin in Israel in 1997 when the right had stoked up a fervor of anti-Rabin rhetoric, showing him wearing a Nazi uniform, and calling him a traitor for giving away Israeli territory to the Palestinian enemy.  I do not say that the assassination was right, but they were politically correct, because all we got from that unilateral withdrawal from Gaza was rockets from Hamas and eventually another war.  No reciprocation, no negotiations, no peace.  We don’t want a similar political situation in the USA, yet that is what has been whipped up by the Democrats and the liberal media in pursuance of their hatred of Pres. Trump.