Gaza crisis

Hamas, the terrorist rulers of Gaza, are faced with a double whammy.  As part of the ongoing clash between Hamas and Fatah, the rulers of the PA in the West Bank have decided to stop paying Israel for the electricity delivered to Gaza.  As it is, Gaza has only one power station and that works only intermittently.  So Hamas depends on electricity supplied by the Israel Electric Company (IEC) delivered thru their grid.

There have been questions raised over why Israel supplies its mortal enemy, dedicated to its destruction, with not only electricity, but with water, food and medicine.  Maybe we should boycott them just as the western liberals who hate Israel try to boycott us.  Why not, it would be in revenge, since the BDS movement largely supports Hamas, a known terrorist organization, and justifies its attacks on Israel.  But, so far Israel has not boycotted Gaza and has supplied them with essential provisions throughout the recent past.  Note also, that funds sent to Gaza have been misappropriated, instead of rebuilding they are using the funds to build attack tunnels and more rockets.

So far the PA and the UN, as well as other donors such as Qatar, have paid Israel to supply these goods.  However now that the PA has refused to pay for the electricity supply to Gaza, why should Israel supply its implacable enemy FOR FREE.  Forget it, the IEC is a private corporation, and cannot be ordered by the Government to supply its product for free. If the electricity supply is cut off, Gaza will grind to a halt and the situation of Hamas as rulers there will become almost untenable.

Of course Hamas have promised “an explosion” of attacks against Israel in retaliation for the cutting of power.  But, note that this problem is not due to Israel, it is due to the PA refusing to pay for the electricity that it had previously agreed with Hamas.  The irony is that Hamas is very unpopular in Gaza because of its inability to rule effectively and its sheer brutality.  But, Fatah is unpopular in the PA because of its corruption and repression.

The cutting of diplomatic and trade ties by most of the moderate Sunni States (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE) with Qatar has caught Hamas in a bind, since it is one of the main recipients of Qatari aid.  If this Qatari funding is cut as expected, under severe pressure from all its neighbors, Hamas will be in a double bind.  There is no way that it can find alternative sources of such funding.  It might propel them to try once again to attack Israel to draw attention away from their parlous state. And its due to fellow Arabs, not Israel.