Comey’s Testimony

We did learn a few things from the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee:

  1. There was not and never has been any investigation of Pres. Trump in relation to alleged Russian interference in the 2017 election.
  2. James Comey implicated himself in leaking private and possibly classified information about his confidential conversations with the President to his friends and deliberately had them leaked to the press.
  3. What Comey reported that Trump said to him was not interference in the normal procedures of Government nor do they amount to any kind of obstruction of justice.
  4. It is normal and usual for incoming Administrations to make contacts with key foreign States prior to their formal inauguration.
  5. It is usual for these contacts to be considered private and confidential.

The conclusion of all this is that the whole Russian interference story is a hoax.  Although several FBI leaders have stated that they are sure that the Russians did try to interfere in the elections (for example by hacking and leaking the e-mails of DNC leaders) no evidence whatsoever has been presented that there was any connivance of any member of the Trump Campaign in these alleged Russian actions.

My further conclusion is that this is a story that has been hyped by the anti-Trump liberal press, with the collusion of people like Comey and other anti-Trump members of Congress and the Democratic Party.  Particularly, this is a media-induced smokescreen to divert attention away from the much more serious and potentially damaging story of the investigation into the misuse by former Secty. of State Hillary Clinton of a non-secure private server in contravention of US Government laws.  It is highly suspicious that all media attention has been focused on this “Russian connection” non-story, while the Clinton e-mail criminal story has received no attention whatsoever.

I am not one who generally believes in “conspiracy theories.”  However, the actions of Comey and other members of the political  establishment seem to be calculated to undermine the credibility and capability of the elected President.  All such deliberate leakers as Comey should be indicted and charged to the maximum extent of the law.