Enough is Enough?

PM Theresa May outside No. 10 Downing Street said, after the latest radical Muslim stabbing attack in London that killed 7 and wounded 48, “enough is enough!”  My question is, why wasn’t enough enough after 22 were murdered by Islamic terrorists in Manchester last month, and why wasn’t enough enough when five were killed in the attack on Westminster Bridge last month, and why wasn’t enough enough after the attacks on 7/7 killed 53 people?  The obvious reason is that the British Government and people have not taken this threat seriously enough!

What they haven’t realized, because of political correctness, is that Islamic terrorism is an integral part of Islam.  Islam is NOT a peaceful religion, it is a nasty, violent, triumphalist religion, that requires its adherents to participate in jihad in order to ensure the victory of Islam over all other religions and systems.  For example, it is a central tenet of Islam (one of the 7 basic tenets) that all Muslims participate in jihad, and in case any Muslim tells you that this is not the case, or that jihad means a “spiritual struggle,” this is disinformation, simply not true.  Jihad has been exhaustively documented by Andrew Bostom in his comprehensive study “The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims” (Prometheus Books, 2008), and it always means a violent struggle by Muslims against their enemies, and everyone who is not a Muslim is an enemy (kaffir or infidel).  And what is the aim of these Muslims?  It is to bring about a Muslim Government and ensure the application of Sharia Law in every country inhabited by Muslims.  

Case in point, the father of the Islamic terrorist Salman Abadi who lived in the UK was known as a devout Muslim in his mosque and community.  But, under a pseudonym he was writing pro-jihadist propaganda, including a whole book and on-line web sites, and he encouraged his two sons to become involved with Islamic Jihad in Libya.  Both went there for military training and his older son then bombed the concert in Manchester killing 22 people.  Was this a surprising outcome, was this unexpected?

The fact is that jihad is taught in all Mosques throughout the world and especially those supported by Saudi Arabia that are of the Salafist variety.  This includes millions of Muslims throughout the Muslim and Western worlds.  The only way to stop this form of terrorism is to stop the Mosques teaching that jihad is a necessary tenet of Islam, and that cannot happen.  So when will enough be enough? By the way, there are many peaceful Muslims, as long as they don’t strictly follow the tenets of their religion.  There were of course good Communists and sincere Nazis, but we didn’t distinguish them from the others when  we carpet-bombed Germany.

I doubt that Theresa May has the guts and the political stamina to see this through. Expect many more devastating terrorist attacks in the UK and elsewhere before this reality sinks in and real action is taken against Islam.  In the meantime it is all-out war by one side while the other side is fighting with its hands tied behind its back, and so there will be more terrorist attacks in the UK, until they will be forced to react as Israel reacts with intelligence, guts and determination.