Anti-Semitism abounds

There are troubling signs of a return to violent anti-Semitism in Europe and elsewhere and an even more troubling lack of official government reaction to it.  Here are some very recent examples.

An Orthodox Jewish family was vacationing on the Isle of White.  They were on the beach when a gang of youths accosted them shouting “Jews” and nasty epithets, and forced them to retreat.  The husband called the police and told them they were under attack.  The police came 15 mins later, but since it was a gang they waited and called for back-up.  The back-up arrived another 15 min later, but by then the gang had dispersed. The police then decided to take no action because no-one had been hurt.  The fact that it was a hate crime was ignored by the police and in subsequent complaints.

Even worse, a Jewish pensioner Mrs. Halimi was murdered in her apartment in Paris last week.  A fervently religious Muslim climbed from the balcony of the adjacent apartment, beat her up because she was a Jew and although the police came, they hesitated to enter the apartment, giving the killer time to dump the victim’s body off the balcony and then return to the adjacent apartment.  When the police finally entered no-one was there so they registered the crime as a murder.  They have refused to consider it as a hate crime, although the killer was a Muslim shouting Islamic and anti-Semitic slogans.

In South Africa the performance of a play “The boy in the striped pajamas” by a Jewish school group was disrupted by anti-Semitic chants. including “Heil Hitler,” that caused the performance to be abandoned.  Because one of the taunters supposedly apologized after the event the school where the performance was taking place and the police took no action.  The S. African Board of Jewish Deputies has lodged a complaint.

The number of such anti-Semitic incidents involving hate crimes that go unregistered by the police in Europe is increasing.  There have been many such incidents in France, UK, Sweden and also in Germany.  They are often carried out by Muslims, but not always. Life is becoming dangerous again for Jews in Europe.  They should all consider moving to Israel.


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