Alien creatures

I made a snake, a python (see left Figure).  I am not sure why, but I did.  There is a long shelf in the new house to where we are moving in Beersheva in September and I wanted to have something that would fit in there.  I tried to make it move, but it was too heavy for the motor I attached.  And I tried to add a tongue that went in and out, but the mechanism I constructed did not work, so I gave up.2017-05-28-PHOTO-00000043

alien photo

The other day when I entered my basement studio I saw a large creature (4 inches long) on the floor (see right Figure).  I ran to find something to catch it in, and found a plastic container.  When I tried to capture this creature I must admit I was not sure if it was dead or alive.  It then began to move, but only sluggishly.  I concluded that it was barely alive.  Once I had it inside the container I quickly looked around for something to make sure it was dead and poured turpentine into the container.  It did move around then, but soon stopped.  Does anyone know what this creature is?  It could be from another planet.  It looks disgusting (women can’t stand it).  But what worries me is that there may be more of them in the studio, just waiting for me.

The sink in the toilet in my studio is quite dirty, it rarely gets cleaned.  I used it the other day and noticed a clear swathe across the middle of it, very unusual, with ragged edges.  I had no recollection at that time of ever doing this myself.  I concluded that it must be due to a creature, quite a large creature, probably furry.  But, how did it get onto the sink, it would have had to jump about 4 feet vertically from the floor.  But, then I noticed that there is a ladder standing nearby and it could have climbed up that and jumped from there.  I concluded that it must have been a fat rat.   After a day or so thinking about this I somehow remembered taking a stab at cleaning the sink and after one swipe with a rag giving up.  Maybe I did this, but maybe not.  Maybe there is another large creature that I am sharing the studio with.