Armed Troops in the Streets

Since UK PM Theresa May declared a “critical” state of emergency in the UK after the Manchester terrorist bombing, armed soldiers have been patrolling the streets of London and other UK cities.  It is said that they are only there to free up armed police for other duties.  But, nevertheless it is a measure of how unprepared the British have been to confront the reality of radical Islamic terrorism.  Basically after the 7/7 bombings in London that killed 52 people, the UK has been sitting back and hoping for the best.  That is demonstrably not good enough.

Now the security forces are combing the Muslim underworld of Manchester and other cities looking for contacts and leads from the Manchester bomber Salman Abedi, who was of Libyan-Tunisian origin but born in the UK.  They have arrested at least 10 men. But, the question is why didn’t they do this earlier, why did they wait for another atrocity that killed 22 people, mostly children.  We have heard this all too familiar refrain before, the bomber “was known to the security services.”  Well why then did they allow him to return from Libya as a known disaffected Muslim loser and IS sympathizer and let him loose in England to potentially kill.  Such individuals must be suspect before the event and all such people should be arrested, interrogated and even deported back to where they came from in order to save the lives of innocent British citizens.

There is a basic misconception, fostered by the left in England and Europe, for example by the leader of the British Labor Party Jeremy Corbyn, that it is something wrong with British foreign policy that has caused the Islamic terrorists to target Britain.,  That is the highest form of self-deception.  Terrorism is totally wrong, there is no justification for it, even the foreign policy of a country, and furthermore the Islamic terrorists will target the West, including Britain, France, Belgium, Germany and so on, even if these countries in a politically correct posture bend over backwards to be sympathetic to their causes.

For example, criticizing the US for detaining suspected terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, criticizing Israel at every turn and especially when the IDF tries to counter the daily terrorism from Palestinian terrorists against Israeli civilians, attacking the necessary military actions of Western countries in support of their allies in the Middle East, such as US support for Kurdish anti-IS forces, and so on.   This kind of sympathy for the poor underdogs in the Arab world fails totally to deal with the reality that British citizens, including children, are the targets of radical Islamic terrorism, and only intense preemptive intelligence and military action can stop them.

The current situation corresponds to the Israelization of the UK, since in Israel there have been such measures as armed patrols, checkpoints and guards searching bags and handbags at all entrances of malls and at all public gatherings.  This will be the norm for the foreseeable future in all Western countries.




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