Keeping cool

We were literally going out of the door, when my sister-in-law Barbara said “that’s funny my water isn’t cold!”  She had put a bottle on water in the fridge overnight for the trip and now it wasn’t cold.  So we both went and looked in the fridge and freezer and nothing was cold.  The refrigerator was dead.  It had died since yesterday and now we were just about to leave on a trip to visit our daughter and family in Beersheva.  What a disaster, what could be done?

We quickly took all the perishables out of the freezer and fridge and filled up a fairly large cold box that we have. I said we can buy some ice on the way and then Miriam can put it in her fridge/freezer.  Then I called the metapelet (carer) Sahlee and asked her to come and rescue the rest of the stuff and cook the chicken early for Friday night when we would be back, and keep the rest in her fridge/freezer in her shared apartment until we got back.  Then we left and stopped at a garage and bought a large bag of ice and put it on the top of the food.  It lasted fine until we got to Miriam’s.  Then she took the salmon steaks and cooked them and we had a great repast.  Meanwhile Sahlee cooked the chicken and kept it and the rest of the food in her fridge.

So short-term problem solved.  But what to do about getting a new fridge, since we were not returning until Friday (Shabbat) morning.  My daughter tried to call a repair engineer, but three of them said it was not worth even looking at one that was 20 years old.  And by the way this is the fridge that the top freezer door fell off (three times) which was quite a dramatic event (it was fiber glass and it bounced on the floor).  So I called Mike Electronics, where I have bought many appliances, and although Mike was not there his assistant said don’t worry we will give you a good price and deliver it on Friday within an hour of ordering. Miriam and I went to visit two stores and saw some fridges and agreed that a bottom freezer would be better.  We took down all the prices and specifications, although it proved to be pointless.

We drove back early Fri morning and got to Mike’s store before 10 am.  The Assistant was there and expecting us, and showed us his fridges in stock.  One was the right width, and had a bottom freezer, but was too tall (5-10 cm) to fit into our space.  But, at this point I had no alternative, so I bought it, it was a Blomberg (German) manufacture.  Mike gave me a good deal and he guaranteed it would be delivered within two hours.   When we got home I looked at the space and saw that the cupboard across the top was fixed only with 7 screws.  I removed 6 of them and waited until Brian could help me hold the top cupboard so that it would not fall on me as I removed the last screw. Once the top cupboard was removed it could accommodate a fridge as high as the ceiling. Unfortunately, the fridge was too wide to fit into our tiny elevator, so they took the doors off and shlapped it up the stairs and it went into the space perfectly.   So we had cold food in our new fridge for Shabbat.


3 thoughts on “Keeping cool

  1. What a story, and so lucky that with your quickness you saved the day. So glad that Brian and Barbara were there to help. Good luck with the new frig, and just enjoy all the wonderful meals you will be able to keep cold in there from now on. Shabbat Shalom.


  2. Gevalt gevalt. I wouldn’t have been so calm and collected in a situation as yours. However, all’s well

    That ends well.

    We spent a week in Yerushalyim, and I had a well earned rest, apart from the fact that we had

    An outstanding and amazing time. Les was fairly easy to handle, for which I was so relieved.

    Shabbat Shalom to you both. Chag Sameach too.

    Love to you both.

    Ros and Les.


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