Terrorism again

There was a terrorist incident in Netanya this morning.  While we were driving around we saw that the main Rehov Herzl was closed off with police and ambulances.   Later we found out that a policeman had been stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist, who had been shot.  Also later I heard about the much more serious terrible suicide bombing in Manchester.  Although these attacks are far apart, they are no doubt attempts by IS to show Trump who is visiting Israel and the PA today that they can still strike.  Too bad.

I saw PM Theresa May’s statement outside No. 10 about the Manchester bombing.  It shows the damage that one man can do, one twisted Islamic radical terrorist who killed 22 people, mostly children.  What will it achieve?  It will certainly frighten people from attending crowded events such as rock concerts.  But, in the long run it will not affect anything.  IS is being defeated in Raqqa in Syria and in Mosul in Iraq.  And Trump has agreed to upgrade the support the US is giving to the anti-IS forces.

But, at the same time Trump has aligned himself against the regime of Pres Assad in Syria. How he will manage these commitments and at the same time bring peace to the Middle East is difficult to foresee.  Nevertheless, he has brought of a coup with his visits to Saudi Arabia and Israel, and is now on his way to Rome and then to a Summit meeting.

Trump did say after meeting with Abbas that violence cannot be tolerated for peace to prevail and that terrorism cannot be rewarded, a strong dig at the PA President’s policy of rewarding Palestinian terrorists and their families for killing Jews and Israelis. Trump also said that the US will always stand with Israel.  Very nice sentiments.  Let’s see where they lead.  During his seven public speeches in his visit he did not mention settlements, two-state solution, or a Palestinian State.  What a difference from Obama, who always said that the Israel-Palestine conflict was basic to all peace in the Middle East.  Trump’s emphasis was on developing an anti-terrorism coalition.  We will have to wait and see when the dust settles what is actually accomplished.


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