Donald in Fairy Land

It might be argued that instead of Donald Trump racing around the world trying to re-establish US credibility we might as well have Donald Duck.  But, that would be unfair, since he is trying to reverse the Mickey Mouse foreign policy of Pres. Obama, that favored enemies (Iran) at the expense of allies (Saudi Arabia, Israel).   It may be that Donald Trump- is not experienced enough in diplomacy to carry out any effective policy, but anything must be better than Obama, especially if it openly supports US allies against its enemies.  That will all be to the good.

But, I am afraid in the process of trying to placate the numerous Sunni Arab world, Trump will be hypnotized by the numerology, as all Presidents are, i.e. there are many more Arabs and Muslims than Jews, and so to placate them is easier and more important, since they control the oil.  Forget about shared values, forget about Arab/ Muslim trashing of human and women’s rights, forget about the fact that Israel has won all the wars against the Arabs.  In the end it comes down to numbers and how far can we (the US) push Israel to accept the Arab’s dictates.

Already we are told in reports that Trump has had second thoughts about transferring the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to the capital of Israel, Jerusalem.  There are rumors that Trump will ask Netanyahu to institute a construction freeze on the West Bank.  These are the same policies as Obama, and entirely against Trump’s statements during the campaign.  Those of us who supported Trump as the antidote to the Obama candidate (otherwise known as Hillary) will be extremely disappointed.  But, he hasn’t visited Israel yet, we’ll see if he does the usual thing, agree with our enemies (the Arabs) but put pressure on us (his best ally) to make concessions.  It’s so much easier than thinking and it hasn’t worked yet.



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