A Loose Cannon?

Is Pres. Trump a loose cannon on the ship of state?  Is he shooting off his mouth to impress foreign visitors, or is he carefully releasing selected nuggets of secret information in order to improve the situation of the USA? At this point no-one knows, but the media surely is not giving in to any doubt.  Whereas they largely ignored Hillary Clinton’s criminal use of a private server when Secty. of State of the USA, they cannot give the current President of the USA any slack.  He has been tried and found guilty before the evidence is in.  As the Jerusalem Post editorial called it “A tempest in a teapot.”

That doesn’t mean that he didn’t do something that may have been wrong or at least stupid, but the feeding frenzy of the press, lead in this case by the vaunted NYT, leaves a bad taste in the mouth.  If the Jordanians or the Israelis gave the US the highest security information from a source in IS that they were planning to use laptops to blow up planes, certainly they have the right to be pissed.  But, the President is right, he can and is able to use any specific piece of information in discreet disclosure in order to influence foreign governments.  In this case he apparently wanted to bring the Russians more into an alliance against the IS.  Not a bad idea.  Certainly not as bad as using a non-secure computer system for many months, allowing all sorts of secret to be hacked.

But, what is perhaps worse is that someone in the Administration leaked this supposed information from a completely confidential meeting to the NYT and other sources in order to embarrass and undermine Trump. This is getting dangerous. both Trump’s gaffes and these leaks must be stopped.  How?