Firing Comey

Trump’s firing of FBI Director Comey is like an episode from his TV show, the Apprentice. Trump disliked Comey because he publicly presented the evidence against Hillary Clinton over her e-mails and then unexpectedly concluded that there was no case to answer.  Then he liked him because he re-opened the case against Hillary and announced it only 11 days before the election.  Then he disliked him again because he approved the investigation of Trump’s supposed Russian links before the election (for which there is not a shred of evidence).

The fact that he did not fire Comey as soon as he entered office was a surprise to many, so why did he do it now?  That, as they say, is a mystery.  It may be because he was informed (by whom?) that the FBI investigation of his (Trump’s) links to the Russians has advanced to the point of a potential indictment.  Or not?  But at this point he decided in another of his unexpected and untimely acts to get rid of Comey, finally, before it was too late. After all, everyone serves at the pleasure of the President, so he has the right to fire anyone as he sees fit.  Even if it is unseemly for him to do so.

But, all the side stories (Comey was not doing his job) and the excuses (Comey should not have for announced the outcome of the investigation of Clinton, the Atty. Gen. was responsible) and so on, make no difference, the fact is that Pres. Trump could fire Comey any time he liked and he did.  All the rest as they say is hearsay.


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