Fantasy world

You start to think things are improving, and then you realize that strange things are happening and that things are pretty much the same as they always have been. For example:

  1. Every six months UNESCO passes an anti-Israel resolution.  The latest one passed this week denies Israel sovereignty over Jerusalem, even though you can go there and see for yourself that Israel does have control and sovereignty in Jerusalem.  The fact is that this resolution has no legal standing, but they pass it anyway.   This time Israel declared a Pyrrhic victory because the number of countries voting for the weakened resolution was reduced.  Only 22 countries voted for the resolution, including the usual culprits, all the Arab and Muslim countries, plus a few enlightened progressive European ones, such as Sweden, that always support the rights of the oppressed, even if they are terrorists.
  2. A new President declared a new “peace process” in the Middle East to resolve once and for all the Israel-Arab dispute.  Haven’t we been here before, with Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama.  But, this time Trump is supposed to be different because he is a businessman and is looking for a pragmatic solution, any solution that is acceptable to both sides.  And there was Pres. Abbas of the PA standing next to Trump repeating the usual lies, he is against terrorism (lie: he actively incites terrorism against Israelis), he wants peace (lie, he wants to destroy Israel), he educates his children for peace (lie: in the schools they teach children how to stab Jews).  Of course, many people will accept his statements at face value, but lets hope that Trump and his advisers know better.
  3. In Germany, a politician Sigmund Gabriel is running on a platform that includes anti-Semitism. What else is new.  And in France, the final two candidates are a middle of the road conservative Macron and the far right Marine Le Pen.  Who knows where the votes of those who lost in the first round will go.  This wave of populism that brought Trump into the White House and Britain to Brexit is gathering steam.  The National Front now has twice the support that it had in the last Presidential elections.
  4. Hamas in Gaza issued an underwhelming new protocol in which they said they will no longer call for the destruction of Israel, but they recommitted themselves to the armed struggle as the only way to defeat Israel and attain their goals.  Also, they did not formally modify their Charter, that still calls for the destruction of Israel.  So it’s mere double-talk, smoke and mirrors.

With these fantasies going on in the world it makes one wonder what is in store for us.


One thought on “Fantasy world

  1. All the news is unsettling and who knows what will happen during the Trump visit, so Israel has to be vigilant and keep its cards close to its chest. In the meantime we should all have a peaceful Shabbat Shalom. We are in for a bumpy ride.
    Shabbat Shalom,


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