Palestinian Phantom Promise

The Palestinian/Arab rejection of Israel’s existence and even of Jewish presence in the Holy Land does them no good.  This denial of reality is a symptom of their failed political aspirations, evidenced by the futility of the so-called “Arab Spring,” that was quickly followed by a more sobering Arab winter that left in its wake several failed Arab States, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Syria, and well over a million Arab dead.  There are inter-Arab hostilities continuing in what was Syria and Iraq with no end in sight.

The Palestinians are pursuing a legal challenge to the British Government to have them apologize for the 1917 Balfour Declaration, for which they are 100 years too late, and are now approaching accepting the UN Partition Resolution, for which they are 70 years too late.  They are continually using the automatic Arab-Muslim-European majority in the UN, such as in UNESCO, to pass non-binding resolutions that castigate Israel for existing, but that have no effect whatsoever on the reality of the situation.  This is a phantom promise that the Palestinians believe in, the illusion that they can achieve anything, particularly the elimination of Israel, by wishful thinking.  

The Palestinians need to be talked to by someone with the guts to finally make them face the truth, they lost, they are continually losing and they have to either face reality and concede or eventually to fade from history.  Who could do such a thing? Certainly not the previous Presidents of the USA, Carter, Clinton and Obama, who were complicit in bolstering this illusory phantom.  The person for the job is President (you guessed it) Trump.  When Pres. Abbas of the PA, who is the illegitimate President (his term expired in 2009) of a totally incompetent entity (the PA exists only thru the wasteful and corrupt donations of western countries), meets with Pres. Trump in the White House in a week or so, will Trump take him by the scruff of his neck and shake him and say:

“Mahmud, listen to me, you lost, stop living in the past, face reality.  Israel is here to stay – it is the Jewish State.  I am going to Jerusalem this month to recognize it as the Capital of Israel on the 50th Anniversary of its reunification.  Forget it, no combination of Arabs or others can in any way challenge this fact.  We will stop funding you and we will remove all the subsidies that you use to support terrorism against the Israelis, unless you agree to accept Israel’s basic terms.  You are the weaker side and you must compromise. There can be no “return of the refugees,” there can be no division of Jerusalem, there can even be no “Palestinian State,” unless you give up your obsession with destroying Israel.  Give up your grandiose dreams, it ain’t gonna happen, accept a small Palestinian entity or get nothing. 

But, Abbas cannot be the one who agrees to start dealing with reality.  He does not speak for the Palestinians, who are still mired in their wishful thinking, he cannot deliver on any promises. He cannot speak for Hamas that would immediately assassinate him, and he certainly cannot speak for ISIS and al Qaeda, who are out there waiting for their chance to bang their heads against the brick wall.  All those BDS activists and misguided liberals are also going to have to face the facts.

Israel is not only a reality, it is an amazing success.  It is not only the “start-up nation,” but everywhere you go in Israel you see cranes, the signs of construction and affluence. Now at 8.68 million people, with more than a small city full of people pouring in each year, Israel is an on-going success, and the world is gradually realizing this.  We cannot wait around for your past grievances to be solved (does the US wait until the Indians are satisfied, or Australia the Aborigines or New Zealand the Maoris?).    

Yesterday we commemorated Yom Hazikaron, the day of the fallen soldiers of Israel, in fact 23,544 have been killed in combat since 1860 until today and 3,117 civilians have been murdered by Arab terrorists.  Yet, while this is tragic, it pales in comparison to the Shoah, when this total were murdered in one day at Auschwitz and the other camps.  It was more dangerous to be a European Jew during the 1940’s than it is to be an IDF combat soldier. Let our foes know that.  And today we celebrate Israel’s 69th Yom Ha’atzmaut, Independence Day, with partying and fireworks.  May it ever be so! 


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