Can one be a Feminist and an Islamist?

The answer to the question posed in the title is clearly a resounding “No!”  One cannot be a feminist and an Islamist, since an Islamist by definition supports the enforcement of Sharia (Islamic) Law, and Sharia Law requires that women be treated as property, the chattel of their owners, their parents or husbands.  On the other hand, Linda Sarsour, a Muslim BDS activist, has recently become infamous for making the statement that “one cannot be a feminist and a Zionist.”  This is utter nonsense, completely contrary to the truth and is pure propaganda.

The early Zionists were egalitarian and treated women the same as men, which led to many problems in relation to the Muslim Arabs.  One of the reasons they rioted against the Zionists in Palestine and fought them at every turn was because they were bringing ideas of female emancipation, Western ideas, into the backward and primitive Middle East.  This is still one of the main reasons the Islamic State and other Islamists oppose the West, because they resent the influence of western values into their backward view of women, they fear losing control of their own women (including inflicting female genital mutilation).  So exactly the opposite is true, one certainly can be a Zionist and a feminist , but one cannot be a feminist and an Islamist.

You have only to come to Israel and see women working in every aspect of life.  There are women pilots in the IDF and women officers train men in every area of the IDF, and women also go into combat.  And what about Golda Meir, former PM of Israel, and what about the women who are currently Ministers in Netanyahu’s Government, e.g. Miri Regev who is Minister of Culture and Sports and Ayelet Shaked who is Minister of Justice.

This statement of Sarsour is so divorced from reality that one cannot imagine anyone with any knowledge of the Middle East accepting it at face value.  Yet, because Sarsour was one of the organizers of the Women’s March on Washington (against the election of President Trump) NY Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has praised her as a worthy feminist.  What hypocrisy.  Sarsour must be challenged on her erroneous and biased statements and should be exposed for what she is, another lying anti-Semitic Muslim.


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