The North Korea Situation

The US, in the final analysis, cannot let North Korea and its crazy dictator develop nuclear armed ICBMs. Pres. Obama and his predecessors were prepared to let the North Koreans go ahead and develop their nuclear weapons without any serious opposition. They mainly wanted to avoid conflict and leave the problem for the next President. Thank goodness Pres. Trump is now prepared to face the issue and take the bull by the horns. But, so far his actions have been more or less defensive.  Sending a carrier task force towards North Korea and installing a defensive missile shield in South Korea.  

But, these moves are not looked upon with favor by the Chinese and the Russians.  No doubt when they were in Florida, Trump told the Chinese President that he would make some such moves. Now it is up to the Chinese to rein back the North Koreans or there may be a more serious outcome.  Presumably that is why Trump’s military and security experts are going to be briefing the Senate at the White House and the House of Representatives later on. He wants them informed and on board should something happen that could seriously unravel.  

But, the latest comment from the White House that negotiations might be possible has received a favorable response from the Chinese. Also, they have apparently cancelled their flights to Pyongyang.  Either they think there will be more trouble, such as military action, or they are beginning to put pressure on the North Korean regime.  Whatever the reasons, at last there seems to be some concerted action to stop this tiny megalomaniac with a huge army.

This situation has repercussions for the Middle East and Israel because North Korea has been supporting the nuclear program of Iran and giving military training to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.  What a combination, North Korea, Iran and Hezbollah, the baddest guys in the world working together.


One thought on “The North Korea Situation

  1. In our newspaper today there were some close up photos of the guns that the North Korean soldiers were carrying in the recent parade they did. A lot of the guns were toys and some were shell holders. Strange or what!


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